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of hurricane sandy. there is a gasoline shortage in new jersey adding to the misery of storm victims. they have spent hours waiting only to find the pumps have run dry. police have been called out to keep order. gas lines are not the only things frustrating people in new york and new jersey. some people in s.i. say they feel like they are being forgotten -- staten say they feel like they are being forgotten. >> progress is being made, but there are many obstacles out there, like staten island, and patience is wearing thin. >> there is still 3 million people without power on the coast. people are not happy about the marathon taking place. >> tempers are running high, especially in waterlogged staten island. >> we are going to die. you do not understand. >> gasoline, food, and clothing. 20 people died on staten island. people are facing another night of darkness and cold. >> people are fighting. that sends people over the edge. >> the governor says relief is on the way. >> there should be an improvement in conditions and people should see it quickly. >> the ferry service and has resumed today. wa
. houses that are sprinkled along the countryside and nothing has been working since hurricane sandy came through. the storm uprooted trees and snapped several power poles. he and his 92-year-old mother rode out the storm here and have made it the best they could with the -- for a week without power. power crews have been working tirelessly since last monday replacing snapped boldin untangling twisted lines. there are many areas where power lines snaked through countless trees. there have been pockets of neighborhoods that have had to wait patiently for help. >> this has been a mess. it has been cold. this is really bad. >> slowly but surely, help is finally arriving. >> and have another storm coming. late this afternoon as he stood talking outside his home, power crews up the valley clipped is which and the lights came back on. >> in the aftermath of sandy, hundreds of thousands are still without electricity in new york and new jersey. that is just one of many challenges facing residents there. eight states including maryland, have spent if you have sent more than 200 troopers to help bu
from the waist down. >> there is a lot of work to do in sandy's aftermath. there is still a mess at this of work to still be done. as you travel around the area, it was not hard to hear the buzz of the chain saws as the crews worked to chalk up big trees like this one. they came down in the storm. this tree went down and caused a lot of damage. when sandy blew in, down with this huge tree. this is the damage and the mess it left behind. >> i feel so sorry. this is more damage. >> no one was hurt but people in this neighborhood are waiting for help in the person of tree cutters to come in and hall of this big oak. halfthey were they were busy today. the order of the day was taking down these trees. >> [inaudible] it was not [inaudible] and still come down. >> this is a great thing. was not hard finding limbs and trees. >> that is nature and -- [inaudible] >> this is a sign of the day. motorists were assigned. chopped up, throughout my and -- threw out and cleaned up the mess. while the folks here wait to have this tree removed, better news for people without power. pepco has is cu
york and new jersey are not the only pleases cleaning up from sandy. one small town in maryland as cleaning up after floodwaters ran through the streets and homes. >> this video is from crisfield maryland's. two weeks later ran the town is still picking up the pieces. brad bell shows us how. >> crisfield a long been called the crab capital of the world. if you have had to as a paid be -chesapeake- based seafood there's a chance it came from here. they took a direct hit from hurricane sandy. >> we have never seen devastation like this before. "she was home when the flood waters overwhelmed the entire town. the water reached her window. >> i lost everything i had first floor. >> you can see just how bad the flooding was. all through talcum the sidewalks are littered with the saudi belongings of these residents and in the heart of tel just ruined by s&p. in the midst of all this destruction, an amazing thing happened. word spread the town needed help and volunteers from all across the country have flocekd to -- flocked to crisfield 200 workers are expected to show up tomorrow. this
no illnesses have been reported. >> people who got their power turnon from hurricane sandy found themselves in the deryk again thanks to yesterday's nor'easter. >> your cleaning out and digging up. -- they are cleaning up and digging out. the region is still reeling from superstarstorm sandy. chris christie said it set back recovery clinic about a day. >> we're confident we will be able to move forward in our recovery efforts. >> the storm pounded the northeast with snow and rain and wind up to 60 miles an hour. -- in sixty miles an hour. this new storm is pushing them to the limit. >> everything i and is here and i'm trying to save it. >> this storm is creating a potentially deadly situation. >> it is back out again today. >> heavy snow created dangerous conditions on the road stranding some drivers. >> cars were not going anywhere. >> this new york resident is taking the wild weather in stride. >> we can get your anything. >> the storms are treating a headache for air travelers. 1500 flights in and out of the northeast were canceled because of the storm. >> you have to feel for those folk
:00 and continues through the evening. >> coming up, see of the damage left behind by a hurricane at sandy affected election date in new york and new jersey. >> i had no idea it was going to be this long. >> standing in line for hours that a large voter turnout benefits one candidate more than the other? >> the virginia senate race is another tight one. we are live >> two former governor's are battling it out this election day. >> we have live team coverage of the senate race. we begin with the allen campaign. >> things at the omni hotel in richmond are fairly quiet. this is the republican party election night headquarters. that means the same can be said for george allen. they said they had to wait for a little while. we ended up catching up with allen this afternoon at a polling station near richmond. he stopped several polling spots today making one last appeal to voters. this race has been closed all along. in the past couple of days allen is three points behind tim kaine. overall, george allen says he has no regrets. >> i am proud of the race we have run. based on ideas, a blueprint for americ
'easter moves along the east coast. some residents are struggling to recover from hurricane sandy and are worried about the second weather event in two weeks. >> we're already seeing quite a bit of snow in parts of that area. it is just the last thing that you want. >> the storm is strong, but not nearly as strong as sandy. there will be flooding beach erosion. there will be very cold air. we are just on the fringes of a. we are very fortunate, once again. this is the time lapse. let's set that in motion during the day. you just see a minor increase in the surf their. it was noticeable the further you went along the mid-atlantic coast line. live doppler radar shows a little rain. rain here and there. rain on the fringes. we have cold air here. upper 30's, low 40's. freezing in spots. what is going to happen -- there may be a patch of rain, maybe a few snowflakes. temperatures should remain above freezing. it will be a nuisance more than anything else, but i will take the nuisance over what is happening a couple hours north of here. just at chilly, rob the. and macdill and rocco --
from new jersey. a town that was battered by hurricane sandy. the treated survive. -- tree did survive. >> that is a symbol of survival like all of the people there. >> a short trip. it is colder now than it was this time yesterday. the sun went down about 25 minutes ago. nothing but blue skies. temperatures are going to plummet, into the 20's by morning. we have wind chills working out there. leesburg, 46. prince george's county, 45. get ready for a very chilly night and wake up tomorrow below average temperatures for another five, six, seven more days. half an inch of rain at reagan national airport. rush hour, not too pleasant tomorrow. 47 at reagan national. 37 degrees in cumberland. 49 degrees in fredericksburg. we still have that breeze out there. there is definite tilt in the air. temperatures will drop. we have an average wake of temperature in your 32. we're watching a time lapse history of this cold front with clouds and rain fall. early this morning and watched it pushed through. rapid clearing around midday. it did turn into a beautiful afternoon. this will continue to -- w
in the number residents being served. . hurrican sande sandy helped to deplete supplies. >> virginia is pretty hard hit. >> knowing the upcoming holidays will be the challenge but they're being asked to restock the shelves. >> we would like to do our part so we're teaming up with safe way to give away $7,500 worth of groceries. just watch to get a clue of the day. you have a chance to win a $500 safeway gift card. the and what will be announced and one winner will get a $5,000 gift card. this should make for a happy things getting. that is it for us here. now, abc 7 news at 6:00 p.m. >> this is abc 7 news at 6:00 p.m. on your side. >> good evening. the president meets the press for the first time. >> the last timetopics, the attack on benghazi and the petraeus scandal. we have more live from the newsroom. >> this may have been a victory for the president.
after hurricane sandy slammed into the northeast but frustration is building for tens of thousands in new york and new jersey were still without power. many are sleeping with heavy coats to the chilly temperatures outside. the secretary of homeland security toward the. she said fema is committded to helping out. >> it's so warm. >> low as 70's yesterday but it will all stop tonight. a strong cold front is coming in. let's get started. brian hopkins snapped this photo for us of the sunset. that little patch of blue is pretty much gone as the clouds continue to stream in ahead of the cold front. later tonight, we will deal with the showers and the cold air following. 68 in silver spring right now. a high of 70 with the wind out of the southwest. in fairfax, the average height is 59. temperatures to dramatically dropping behind this cold front. right now, you see the area of showers moving through western virginia and the border with more showers behind the front in much cooler air. all this will cross the region tonight. we're thinking 11:00 or midnight for these to move in and spre
it can to help people affected by hurricane sandy. students collected items and to distribute it to students in rutherford, new jersey. they fill a truck with items like diapers and close. teachers will be helping to unload those donations. >> it is hard to imagine -- three weeks after? all month after? >> three weeks and four days. almost three weeks. quiet, a little chilly. we will take that. for the middle of november, this is great. >> and a game day. >> let's look at the southern sections of frederick county during the day. a little time last. we started out with a cloudy morning. beautiful weather. now take a look at what we have. sunset. it is getting dark in a hurry, but skies are clear. 50 degrees in beltsville. current readings across the area range from 42 about 50. 45 in leesburg. here is the map of 5:00 reports around the area. that shows temperatures -- 48 degrees and charlottesville right now. then you get north of town. is cooler in the mid-40's. 46 in gaithersburg and frederick. a few sprinkles and showers across lower at southern maryland. as they moved out,
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11